Production Update #1 February 8, 2015 14:03

Hey There!!

Here we are at 4 days post-campaign and things are moving on fast forward! I am in pre-production mode - finalizing all the artwork for the various add-ons and deck printing so when Kickstarter and Amazon Payments comes back to me with the funds, we're ready to go! 

I am continuing to build the LightBox website. The decks are available for pre-order for $10.00 + Shipping. In the next few weeks, I'll be adding on the Challenge Coin and Note Books.

Lastly - Interest in LightBox Photography Cards has simply exploded and it's already time to think about what's next. While 100% of my focus is on production and then fulfilling the current campaign, I've already begun thinking about how to expand upon the LightBox brand! 

Here's a peek at what's next for LightBox Photography Cards:

I am beyond excited by the prospects of more LightBox decks and have a wealth of ideas for more to come!

Thank you again!!