PhotographyTalk Exclusive 4-Deck Deal

$ 36.00 $ 40.00

Challenge your creativity with 4 decks of photo assignments from award-winning photographer, Paul Michael Kane!

Now available as a combo deal with $4.00 off the regular deck price!

Here's the concept - you are in need of some creative inspiration. Maybe you just got a new camera for the holidays or birthday . . . or are simply looking for new things to shoot . . . You grab your deck of LightBox Photography Cards, give them a shuffle and pick a card.

The face of each card will showcase a different photographic challenge. Under each challenge is a small write-up to better define the assignment. The cards are also numbered for easy reference. There are icons to consider as well - these are highlighted in orange when certain gear, like a tripod, flash or filters are recommended.

The image found on the face of each card is Paul's own challenge solution with some camera settings that factor into the creation of that particular image.

Each card offers up a different challenge, some designed to be simple and easy to accomplish, while others will push your creativity and ingenuity to new heights. How long you spend on the assignment is up to you . . . 

A note about shipping: All items will ship in a sturdy, Uline Indistructo, corrugated cardboard box - no padded envelopes here! This will insure your items arrive in pristine condition.

Overseas shipping options available during check out. 

“ . . . these things are very helpful. This is the kind of stuff a photographer would love to see in their stocking.”
Scott Kelby

“… talking about a little bit of inspiration . . . this is a great place for you to start.”
RC Concepcion

"These LightBox Photography Cards raise the bar in convenience, creativity and confidence for photographers."
Alex Schult