19th Edition: Abstract Series Bookmarks

$ 19.19

After a photo shoot at the prison used to film The Shawshank Redemption, we stayed at a gorgous hotel in Cleveland . . . our room number . . . 217! Much like King was inspired to write The Shinging after staying in room 217 of The Stanley Hotel, I also found inspiration in our own room 217. There were these abstract pieces of art hanging in the room . . . and thus, the Abstract Series Bookmarks took shape. Each of the six bookmarks were crafted using colors taken directly from some of King's early works . . . each measures 2.75" x 6.5" and come in a set of six. The set is enclosed by a hand signed and numbered bellyband. 


Domestic w/ Tracking: $3.85
Canadian w/ Tracking: $5.50
International w/ Tracking: $8.25

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